Monthly Archives: April 2013

Monday Haiku ~ ”Sleepless Night”

Sleepless night passes Waning moon obscured by rain Stealthy dawn arrives Image: Insomnia by José María Pérez Nuñez; some rights reserved

Monday Haiku ~ ”Tevas”

New pair of Tevas and a box of chapsticks – check. Ready for summer! Image by Karen E. Martin, (c)… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Beloved Soul”

”Beloved soul,” he wrote Simple words, given kindly Balm to a bruised heart Image: Kurdistan Karkuk by Jan Sefti, some… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Weekend”

Monday already? Late-night revelry departs, Just glitter remains. Image:  Wild by Max Braun, some rights reserved

Monday Haiku ~ ”April Fool’s Day”

April Fool’s Day, hmm. Do I get a special prize for being a fool? Image: Me as a Thumb by… Continue reading »