Monday Haiku ~ ”Tikitta”

BOOM tika BOOM BOOM Tikitta tikitta BOOM (It’s good to be here!) Image: Jewels West; all rights reserved

Monday Haiku ~ ”Tomorrow”

Oh, my Spirit Home The hours can’t go fast enough My heart wings ahead Image by Karen E. Martin; all… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Blue Robe”

Blue robe drapes softly And I can’t help but notice How sexy you are Image: statue in the gardens at… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku – ”See”

That’s how you see me? I see myself differently than you do, old friend.

Monday Haiku ~ ”Open windows”

Open windows mock Flashing cursor goes nowhere Haikualysis

Monday Haiku ~ ”Lemons”

Life hand you lemons? Heck with it. Take a big bite and suck the juice out! Image by Karen E…. Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Come”

Come, sit by my side. Companionable silence soothes my restlessness. Image by Trey Ratcliff of; some rights reserved.  

Monday Haiku (Tuesday Edition) ~ ”Wood, wire, tarp”

Wood, wire, tarp, dirt, sweat Lift, cut, haul, chop, nail, drill, dig Together, we build Image by Karen E. Martin;… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”The rock”

As I grind the rock around and around again the world becomes clear Image by Karen E. Martin, all rights reserved… Continue reading »

Character Sketch Worksheet

Like to party? Hop along the Hump Day Blog Hop on Julie Valerie’s Book Blog. Click here to return to… Continue reading »