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Monday Haiku ~ ”Unexplored”

Enchanting coastline Jarring waves; the boat zips past paradise unknown Image: Karen E. Martin, all rights reserved (near Parati, Brazil)… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Arts and Crafts”

laugh, talk, eat, drink – play hear, see, smell, touch, feel – take in make, do, create – be Image:… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Sunshine”

Here I sit, alone But I will come back to you You are my sunshine Image: Precious, by Sarah Wampler

Monday Haiku ~ ”The Green Horse”

The green horse rises Prosperity and good luck on the horizon Image: Merry go round, by Joao Almeida

Monday Haiku ~ ”Waiting”

I won’t forget you. I know you are still waiting. Soon it will be time. Image: waiting at the temple… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”busy”

when life is busy and you’re in a real tizzy don’t forget to breathe *gasp* Image: busy schedule? by Flik

Monday Haiku ~ ”Make Do”

We’ll have to make do with just what we’ve got,  she thought as she grabbed her bag. Image: Salton Bus… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”Recovery”

Strength flows into her Her form begins to take shape Soon she will be free Image:  arrow by Robb North;… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”The Man”

The city appears A mirage in the desert And then The Man burns Image by Karen E. Martin; all rights… Continue reading »

Monday Haiku ~ ”The Agreement”

Face to face, we sit I sculpt your dark form in clay See, honor, release Image: Horror stories (Frozen in… Continue reading »